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Affordable movers in Montreal!

Making your own move can be a big source of problems. We recommend that you hire moving professionals. It is ensures a fast and stress-free service. Our know-how and our organization allow us to offer you a fast service, quality while being entirely at your disposal. An economical move is based above all on the know-how of the movers solicited!


Buying a move is not a service accessible to everyone. That’s why we want to adapt to all our customers and their budgets by offering you a move at an affordable price by putting your satisfaction at the center of all our attention.

The solution for your economical move

Here are our three formulas


Our team of experienced movers, with a solid experience of several years in the Greater Montreal area, accompanies you step by step in the organization, planning, moving the place of departure, transporting your belongings, and moving into your destination, at the best price!


Our economic formula adapts to small budgets and offers you the handling of your goods and their delivery. We let you pack and unpack your belongings.


It is sometimes more difficult with the worker and the children to be able to take care of packing your belongings or spending time on your move.

Our turnkey formula allows you to devote your time to your personal activities. Our turnkey service includes packing, transporting and unpacking your belongings. And this is done by our teams of professionals. Our teams take care of cleaning your home.


If you do not know what to choose between the two previous formulas, we advise you to opt for the standard move. One between two of our two formulas. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the standard formula.

Group moving

If you do not have a very high budget and a time constraint, we offer a group move.

The group move is longer but much less expensive than an individual move. The only constraint is not to exceed 20m3 of property.

Group moving costs you up to 50% less than an individual move.


Outside the months of June to September. The drop in activity allows you to take advantage of lower prices. While keeping a fast and quality professional service. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our off-peak periods and pricing.

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