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Cheap moving Montreal

Moving yourself can be a big problem. We recommend that you use the services of moving professionals. This ensures fast and stress-free service. Our know-how and our organization allow us to offer you a fast service, of quality while being entirely at your disposal.


Offering yourself a move is not a service accessible to everyone. This is why we want to adapt to all our clients and their budgets by offering you a move at an affordable price by putting your satisfaction at the center of all our attentions.


Here are our three formulas


Being a top us private facility for any kind of scientific research, we are proud of the overall amount of work we`ve done so far. Excepteur blacks are not longing for obesity. For instance, if any of our school district practices will come to a close, those who abandon their offices are at fault for soothing their hardships.


Our economical formula adapts to small budgets and offers you the handling of your goods and their delivery. We let you pack and unpack your belongings.


Sometimes it is more difficult with the worker and the children to be able to take care of packing your belongings or devoting time to your move.

Our turnkey formula allows you to devote your time to your personal activities. Our turnkey service includes the packaging, transport and unpacking of your goods. And this is done by our teams of professionals. Our teams take care of cleaning your accommodation.


If you do not know what to choose between the two previous formulas, we advise you to opt for the standard move. One between two of our two formulas. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the standard formula.

Group moving

If you do not have a very high budget and a time constraint, we offer a group move.

A group move takes longer but much less expensive than an individual move. The only constraint is not to exceed 20m3 of goods.

A group move costs you up to 50% less than an individual move.


Outside the months of June to September. The decline in activity allows you to profit from lower prices. While maintaining a fast and quality professional service. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our off-peak periods and our pricing.

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