2023 ranking of the best movers in Montreal

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It is essential to choose a reliable moving company when you settle in Montreal to avoid any bad experience. With many companies specializing in this field in the area, it can be difficult to find those that offer quality service and that you can rely on, especially considering the many negative testimonials from dissatisfied customers available online.

To help you find the most reliable movers in Montreal, we have made a selection of the most reputable moving companies in terms of experience and professionalism. By opting for our list of the best reliable and experienced movers in Montreal, you can rest assured that your move will run smoothly and stress-free. Choose quality and peace of mind by relying on our list of the best moving companies in Montreal.

Enterprises* Google My Business rating
Moving La Capitale 3.7
Moving coffee break 4.5
Total Moving 5.0
Constant moving 4.9
Moving Montreal 5.0


Company Descriptions*


1. Moving coffee break

Déménagement Pause-Café has established itself as a major reference in the residential and commercial moving market in Montreal. For more than ten years, the company has attached great importance to the satisfaction of its customers and the training of its staff, composed exclusively of qualified professionals.

By collaborating with experts specialized in the field and using new technologies, Déménagement Pause-Café manages to combine the innovative vision of the younger generations with the professionalism of the moving industry.

In addition, the company has a division specializing in moving heavy and high-value items such as pianos, pool tables and many others. Their expertise in this field allows them to respond precisely to the specific needs of their customers by offering them a quality service.



2. Moving the capital

Founded in 1994 by a determined entrepreneur with a used truck, Déménagement La Capital has established itself as an essential reference in the field of moving. Over the years, the company has evolved considerably and now has a fleet of more than twenty trucks and a team of more than 120 qualified employees.

Déménagement La Capital offers a full range of services to meet the varied needs of its clientele. Whether for residential, commercial, industrial, intercity, overseas, or packaging and storage services, the company provides its expertise.

With official branches in Montreal, Quebec City and Lévis, Capital Movers is dedicated to providing quality and impeccable service to its local clients. Thanks to their experience and know-how in the moving industry, they are able to respond professionally and reliably to the specific needs of each client.



3. Total removal:

Total Movers is a company specializing in residential and commercial moving, operating in the Greater Montreal area. Thanks to a full range of services adapted to the needs of individuals and businesses, they have built a reputation of trust with their customers. Their coverage extends to the entire region, with garages strategically located in Longueuil, LaSalle and Laval.

Website: https://demenagement-total.ca/



4. Constant moving

Déménagement Constant occupies an essential place in the moving industry in Montreal thanks to its experience and know-how. For many years, they have been providing quality services in the residential and commercial fields, which has earned them the recognition of their clients.

What distinguishes Déménagement Constant is its policy of competitive and affordable prices, which makes it an attractive option for those who want to benefit from a professional and reliable service while controlling their budget. Students, expense-conscious professionals, and people looking for cost-effective solutions can all take advantage of their great rates.

Déménagement Constant’s reputation as a provider of affordable and quality moving services has earned it the trust of many clients in Montreal. Their team is ready to accompany people in their move by offering them peace of mind while respecting their financial constraints.




5.Moves Montreal

Déménage Montréal is a company specializing in residential, commercial and student moving in the Greater Montreal area. Thanks to their dynamic and practical approach, they have positioned themselves as a reference in terms of moving in the region. Their priority is to offer quality customer service in order to satisfy their current and future customers.

For several years, Déménage Montréal has strived to provide fast, efficient and high quality moving services. Thanks to their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, they have been able to stand out and build customer loyalty.

Their expertise in residential, commercial and student moving, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the Greater Montreal area, allow them to offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.




Map – Montreal / Construction

Map of the city of Montreal


The price of a move to Montreal can vary depending on several factors. First of all, the distance between the departure and arrival addresses plays an important role. The greater the distance, the higher the cost of the move. In addition, if you have to move to an area that is difficult to access or with special constraints, this can also influence the price.

The volume of your belongings is another key element. Movers use trucks of different sizes, so the price will be influenced by the amount of items to be transported. It is important to provide an accurate estimate of the volume of your goods in order to obtain an accurate quote.

The date of your move can also impact the price. Periods of high demand, such as the high season between May and September, can result in higher rates. If you have flexibility in choosing the date, consider less busy periods to get great rates.

Additional services required, such as packing, dismantling and reassembling furniture, can also influence the overall price. Be sure to discuss these specific needs with the movers to get an accurate quote.

In summary, the main factors that influence the price of a move to Montreal are the distance, the volume of goods, the date of the move and the additional services required. It is recommended to request several quotes and compare offers to find the best option in terms of value for money.


Tips for planning a reliable commercial or residential move in Montreal

Planning a move to Montreal can be a complex process that requires careful organization and adequate resources. To ensure the success of a residential or commercial move, it is essential to follow certain key steps.

First of all, it is essential to call on a team of reliable movers in Montreal who will take care of all aspects of the project, such as packing fragile items and dismantling furniture. Hiring experienced professionals will save you time and reduce the stress of moving.

Then, it is important to prepare a detailed plan taking into account all the elements that may influence the course of the move. This includes coordinating with service providers, managing the paperwork associated with changing addresses and developing a clear timeline of steps to follow.

Designating a project manager to oversee all operations can also help ensure the success of your move. This person will be responsible for coordinating the various teams and managing any unforeseen events.

For a successful residential move in Montreal, start by making a complete list of tasks to accomplish before the big day, including sorting your belongings and booking a moving truck. If necessary, consider hiring professionals to help you pack your belongings securely.

Don’t forget to label each box with its contents and plan the move taking into account your schedules and personal constraints. By booking the services of a reliable mover in Montreal several weeks in advance, you ensure that you have enough time to make your move with confidence.


Moving heavy objects to Montreal: How to do it safely?

Moving heavy objects such as pianos or pool tables can be a complex challenge. In order to ensure the safe movement of these precious items, it is important to follow some essential steps. First, make sure you have the proper tools, such as lifting straps, carts, and protective blankets. Then, detailed planning is crucial, ensuring that each step is clearly defined.

If you are not sure if you can make the trip on your own, it is recommended to use reliable movers in Montreal for assistance. Professionals have the expertise and tools to ensure the safe movement of these objects.

When moving a piano, first remove all removable parts, such as pedals and cover, and pack them carefully. Next, place the piano on a trolley and secure it securely with lifting straps before transporting. For pool tables, it is recommended to disassemble the legs before moving them, using protective covers to prevent damage. By following these tips, you can successfully move heavy items to Montreal safely.

When it comes to choosing a reliable moving company in Montreal, it is important to consider several key criteria.

First, make sure that the company is duly authorized and has the appropriate licenses to carry out its moving activities. Also check if she has adequate insurance to cover any damage during the move.

Review reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge the company’s reputation. Online reviews, personal recommendations, and ratings on specialized platforms can give you an idea of other customers’ experience with this business.

Make sure the company has the skills and resources to meet your specific needs. Check to see if they offer residential, commercial or other moving services you may need.

Request detailed quotes from several moving companies to compare prices and services included. Make sure you understand any additional costs, such as packing goods, dismantling and reassembling furniture, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Business flexibility is also important. Make sure it is able to adapt to your specific needs in terms of dates, volumes of goods to be moved, and special packing requests.

Communication is another key factor. Make sure the moving company is easily reachable, responds quickly to your questions and concerns, and is available to accompany you through the moving process.

Taking these criteria into account, you will be able to choose a reliable moving company in Montreal to help you carry out your move with peace of mind.