What should I do with my clothes during a move?

Aug 29, 2022Moving clothes0 comments

Moving remains an operation that involves many other sub-tasks. Apart from furniture that needs to be stored and moved with care, packing clothes also requires precautions. This is very important to be able to protect clothes and shoes in a sustainable way. So what to do concretely with your clothes when you move? Discover through this article, the best tips you can apply to get rid of the hassle of your clothes during a move.

Arrange your clothes in a suitable condition for the move.

To successfully organize a residential move, you must start by preparing your clothes. This will allow you to be efficient, save time for yourself or before the arrival of the moving company, and above all save money. So to arrange your clothes in the right conditions, you must sort by category and then recycle old clothes.

Sort your clothes by category

To sort, make sure you have passed through all the rooms of your residence to bring out all the clothes. Whether in closets, in cabinets, in wardrobes or in dressing rooms, take them out and put them in batteries. Next, classify them as follows:

  • the seasons (summer, winter and mid-season depending on your region);
  • their sizes (from narrowest to widest, etc.);
  • their similarity.

Similarly, you can have a stack of clothes that you no longer want to keep.

Recycle your old clothes.

Moving is often the occasion during which it is possible to part with superfluous furniture as well as certain clothes. So you can get rid of outfits that you no longer wear, those that have become too small, old-fashioned or too used. To do it properly, recycling is a great way. It also allows you to make an economical move.

Remember to donate your clothes, which you no longer wish to keep, to your loved ones, or to charities. You also have the possibility to resell them on the internet through sites dedicated to this cause. This allows you to have money in return.

In addition, you can use these old belongings as bubble wrap or blanket to immobilize the boxes during transport. They can also be used to ball fragile objects, or to stuff shoes.

Pack your clothes for the move.

For a successful clothing move , it is important to opt for suitable packing means and practical storage methods.

Use boxes and your suitcases.

To store your heavy linen, choose small boxes of standard size 30 x 30². This is more convenient than large boxes, which, when filled, are difficult to lift. Suitcases are also a good way to have space. Those with wheels are also very convenient to carry. To optimize the storage space, we suggest that you base yourself on the method of storage by rolling clothes. It consists of taking the large clothes and gradually putting the smallest ones in them. After which it is enough to wrap the first garment around the others.

Use the bags and drawers of your furniture.

Another package you can use is vacuum compression bags and covers. The latter are very practical to reduce the clutter of a pile of clothes. As for the drawers of furniture, they are very useful for keeping clothes light like underwear, socks, light textiles. However, it will be necessary to maintain the drawers with tensioners, solid tape or plastic film.

Be sure to pack shoes and clothing separately.

During storage, you should be careful to separate the shoes from the clothes. We advise you to leave the essential pairs in their original packaging and then tape them with adhesive tape. Shoes that show more resistance like sneakers can be stored in bags. Besides that, it is best that you label each package according to the name of the owner, items by season, by types of clothing, etc.

In summary, preparing and packing your clothes are important steps to take to make your move well. If you are in the Greater Montreal area, we remind you that we have the best qualified team with the best service offers. Do not hesitate to call on Déménage Montréal for all your moving problems.