Tips to help a senior with their move

Dec 15, 2022Moving elderly person0 comments

Any moving process is known to be stressful and tiring. What’s more, when it comes to a move that concerns the elderly. In addition to the emotional burden that he or she must bear, the elderly person must be subject to organizational and logistical constraints. It is not certain that he can get by without harming his health. Under these conditions, it becomes essential to help the retired person to carry out his relocation well. Déménage Montréal shows you how to do it.

Planning the senior’s move

The success of a moving project depends on its planning. You need to help the senior plan to sort through their belongings. In the event that his new residence (probably a residence for the elderly) is of a small size, the grandparent must in agreement with his family plan the sale of some of his belongings including furniture. He can also give them to his relatives.

Moving planning for seniors includes developing a schedule that must be strictly adhered to. The latter must take into account the days and weekends during which the person who helps the elderly person will be free.

Help the elderly person make a checklist of their needs

This tip is related to planning. As a prelude to the move, the grandparent must list their different needs. For example, it will be a question of reducing its living space or integrating a residence for retired people. In this list, it must be clearly specified whether the senior will need an additional room or not. He must also mention whether or not he likes sports, entertainment or social activities.

The purpose of such a checklist is to prevent the elderly person from seeing their move as uprooting. Better still, it also allows him to ensure that his future living environment is as much as possible a tailor-made place.

Prioritizing moving tasks

This will help the elderly person to segment the different tasks in order to give priority to the most important ones. This tip will prevent you from being stressed and overwhelmed by events. This will also be the case for the retired person. Here’s how to do it:

  • Focus on one task at a time;
  • Avoid overwork;
  • Perform the task you can perform at the appropriate time;
  • Seek help from others.

Keep in mind that you are helping the senior. You are not his employee. So, perform the different tasks at your own pace.

Take information about the new living environment of the elderly

In the company of the elderly person, visit his future home. This will be an opportunity for you and him to imagine a development plan for this housing. When considering the space available, imagine an optimal arrangement of the grandparent’s furniture and other objects. Do not forget to include in your projection the interior decoration that is to the taste of the retiree.

In the case of moving to a seniors’ residence, it is essential to learn about pets. Are they accepted or not? Does the residence administration allow you to personalize your grandparent’s room? Finally, find out about moving times. The ideal is that the staff will help you with the move. If possible, try to share it with the elderly.

Call on a professional mover

Tip mover

It is essential to inform a mover of the senior’s moving project. Do this 1-2 months in advance. Indeed, this will allow you to estimate the budget to be expected. If the senior is in Montreal or the surrounding area, Déménage Montréal offers to help them professionally transport all their belongings to their new home.

By the way, it has now been more than fifteen years that we offer support worthy of the name to both young people and retirees in their moving projects. At your request, our company provides you with a detailed and personalized quote, and this completely free of charge.