What is the price to move an upright piano?

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Carrying an upright piano is very tricky because of its size and weight. In addition, this instrument is very fragile and given its price, it is important to show extreme delicacy for its handling. Thus, as part of an upright piano move, it is fundamental to ask a professional to help you move the object. How much will such a service cost you? Déménage Montréal your expert company in residential moving is intended to offer you the best services in this sense. By providing you with qualified experts, we help you avoid the hassle of moving your accessories. The costs of service are up to the work we do.

Cost of transporting a piano

Moving a piano is as expensive as a usual move. If your instrument is not very heavy, the price is often between 500 and 900 euros when you use a simple professional. By paying this amount, you ensure the handling and movement of the tool during the operation. It is therefore obvious that the costs of moving an upright piano are a little more expensive than those of a classical piano.

However, with a special expert, the price is between 300 and 1500 euros. The rate always depends on the type of instrument, the shape of the building, and the vehicle of travel. When it comes to a full-fledged move that includes an upright piano, the amount can increase (between 100 and 400 euros more). This increase is due to the fact that the handling of heavy objects is always more delicate and requires a team of qualified experts. For this purpose, your mover is the essential structure for moving an upright piano. We are equipped with competent staff and suitable equipment for a proper residential move .

Parameters that affect the price of transporting a piano

Several elements are capable of impacting the amount of the piano move. Whether it is the shape of the instrument or the architecture of your home, these criteria make the service more or less expensive.

The floors and the presence or absence of elevator

This factor is very important and affects the time slot. Indeed, the cost of transporting a piano to the5th floor will certainly be different from that of moving this same instrument to the12th level. What’s more, the more levels there are, the more tedious the work will be and the more money you spend on the service.

In addition, if the building has an elevator, the mover will not charge you any additional fees. If applicable, you will have to pay at least 75 euros more per level.

The difficulty of access

When you have a larger instrument that cannot pass through the stairs or the elevator, transportation will be by candlelight. This is the example of some upright pianos whose operation consists in passing the accessory through the bay or vertically. This therefore requires the use of specific hardware. The price then includes the rental of the furniture lift and the duration of handling of the object. Generally, the rental will make you spend between 150 and 250 euros more. The travel time will cost you between 100 and 200 euros more.

In addition, in the case of upright pianos that weigh no more than 210 kg, the price is integrated with that of the classic move. If your instrument weighs more, the solicitation of an additional expert becomes essential and you will have to spend about 100 to 300 euros more.

Why ask a professional for the transport of your upright piano?

As explained above, the transport of an upright piano is very delicate and therefore requires a particular dexterity. Indeed, the object is both heavy and fragile and therefore requires a team of qualified movers for a safe move. Thus, by entrusting your piano to professionals, you are sure that the accessory will be transported in a suitable machine. In addition, using a professional mover gives you the advantage of having insurance. This is not the case with a move by oneself.

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