Tips and tricks to move cheap when you are a student

Jun 9, 2022Moving tips0 comments

Moving is a difficult task that many students will face. Depending on the occasion, he will have to change his address in order to continue his studies or to go to work. However, this leads to expenses that are often expensive. In order to move according to the budget possessed, it will be necessary to be able to find solutions adapted to the situation. Here are some tips for moving cheap when you are a student.

Moving alone remains a good solution

A tip to move on a small budget when you are a student is to do it alone. For this purpose, it is important to provide some money for the purchase of relocation supplies and the rental of a means of utility transport. Road fees are also to be included in the moving program. This mainly concerns the fuel for the journey and the toll price.

You will also need cartons and adhesives to pack your belongings. These items you can find in a store or by asking relatives who have some to throw away. It will also be necessary to think about bringing a protective blanket, a bubble wrap and a moving devil.

All this equipment will be useful to ensure the protection and transportation of everything that will be involved in moving. Friends or family can help with the relocation if you ask for their assistance. When you move alone, you must also organize yourself well to notify the administrations two months in advance of your change of address.

It is also essential to warn service providers that supply gas, electricity and telephony. Do not forget the insurer of your relocation. It is necessary to think about doing these preventions one month before the day of the transfer. Depending on whether the apartment is furnished or not and its location, a notice of the accommodation must be filed three months in advance.

Get financial help

Although being a student, it is possible to move with few means by resorting to financial aid. The majority of these supports remain accessible to all students under the age of 30.

Here are some examples that you can benefit from.

  • Mobili-Jeune help;
  • CAF student aid;
  • The LocaPass advance;
  • The LocaPass guarantee.

Among these financial aids, there are some that require the student to meet certain conditions before he can benefit from it. When you take for example the student assistant of the CAF, you must occupy the apartment for at least 8 months during a year. In the same way, it is necessary to meet income conditions and hold a living area greater than 20 m2. This change of address assistance takes about two months to be accepted. As soon as it is done, the student can benefit from up to 300 €. As for the Mobili-Jeune aid, it is reserved for alternating students. Therefore, it requires a work-study contract that must be signed by a private company.

When you take the LocaPass guarantee, it covers the charges as well as the rent in the event that there are unpaid bills. With the LocaPass advance, the student will be able to pay the security deposit for his new apartment. He will also be able to spread the payment over a maximum of 36 months. With all these tips, moving at a lower price will be within everyone’s reach.

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Moving cheap with Déménagemontréal

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In addition, in order to save you more money, we can carry out a groupage. With this option, fees are accessible. However, we remain attentive to our customers for more satisfaction with the student move.