How do you move when you don’t have any money?

Jul 15, 2022Moving tips0 comments

A residential move is always a delicate and tiring operation. It requires not only good preparation, but also considerable financial resources. The costs associated with it are one of the most important elements of the operation. However, it is possible to move without spending too much money. This is important when you do not have enough means and you have to leave anyway. To this end, Déménagement Montréal is intended to help you by offering you less expensive and efficient services and by putting at your disposal, qualified professionals.

File your notice as soon as possible and avoid a last-minute organization

A residential move requires careful organization. The first step is to inform your landlord at the right time. By letting him know as soon as possible, you will avoid paying a fee for an apartment that you no longer use. In the context of the rental of a furnished accommodation, the notice period normally lasts 01 months. On the other hand, it lasts 03 months for the rental of an empty house.

So avoid doing it at the last minute. This applies not only to the notice, but also to the entire organization of your move. The sooner you start organizing, the better. This allows you to benefit from better rates. Prepare your belongings on time and find a truck before daylight.

Request different moving quotes

Not all moving professionals offer the same services and rates. For this, it is worth making an acute comparison of several offers. In order to benefit from more attractive rates, it is necessary to play the competition.

However, pay attention to very low quotes. Value for money is very important in the process of changing addresses. Careful verification is necessary to find the right mover who offers interesting offers at average rates. So ask for several quotes and analyze them correctly in order to have the best offer.

Choose the right time to move

Set the date of your move at the right time. Obviously, you can decide to change your address at any time, but it is important to do so in the period that suits you. Who says good time also says good season. When you decide to do the operation in autumn or winter, you certainly benefit from more competitive rates. However, in December, the costs of moving can skyrocket significantly.

Also, schedule your move on a day of the week. Indeed, even though most moves are done on weekends, you will get better rates if you decide to move the business on a day of the week.

Opt for a less expensive formula

The rates offered by the mover can be revised downwards if you decide to take care of a number of elements. The preparation of packaging and furniture for example. In addition, you will be able to save more money if you lower on the sidewalk yourself, some accessories.

In addition, a group move is also an effective way to reduce costs, especially in the case of long distances. But in this case, the date is usually imposed.

Opt for a light move and call on your loved ones

Before moving on to the storage of your belongings, do not hesitate to do a little sorting. So, if you have the opportunity to get rid of certain supplies, do so. The more you reduce the number of boxes and/or furniture to move, the less you spend. Indeed, it gives you the opportunity to rent a smaller truck and therefore, to make more savings.

Also, don’t forget to ask your relatives and friends if you decide to do without the services of a mover.

Apply for financial aid and borrow money

It is possible to obtain a moving bonus according to your personal situation. To this end, look for the moving aids that exist and do not hesitate to send requests. CAF and several other associations grant moving bonuses to people in need.

In addition, you can find some moving tools (boxes, straps, etc.). In this regard, ask your relatives or neighbors who are able to help you.

Trust Déménagement Montréal to make your move a success at low cost

We put at your disposal the best movers to allow you to succeed in your cheap moving operation. In reality, we are equipped with teams of professionals able to follow you from the beginning of the organization, until the installation in your new home. We enjoy a flawless experience and we manage your project from A to Z. Trust Déménagement Montréal and enjoy the best services for a move at a lower cost.