How not to forget anything for a move?

Oct 23, 2022Moving tips0 comments

The stressful context surrounding a move is a factor that promotes forgetting certain essential tasks to accomplish. It is therefore essential that for your next move you organize yourself. This will allow you to move into your new residence serenely. To help you, here is a checklist and tips for a serene move.

Inform the landlord

This is most likely the first item on your checklist. The idea here is not to end up with two dwellings on your arm even though the old one is no longer useful to you. So in accordance with the notice, inform the landlord of your intention to move. The notice period is spread over 1 to 3 months. Read your contract to find out in order to inform the lessor in advance and as soon as possible.


Change your address with the public administration

Before proceeding with an actual residential move , you must go to the postal service of your current place of residence to change your address. This will prevent you from creating confusion about the address to which your invoices, letters, parcels, subscriptions, and other documents will be sent to you soon.

If possible, ask to subscribe to a mail forwarding service with your postal operator. Thus, all mail that comes to your old address will be forwarded back to the new one.

In order not to continue paying taxes on your home that is about to become the old one, you must inform the tax authorities of your change of address. This is also the time to inform all your loved ones of a change of address. Let them know the new address.

Terminate all current contracts

As part of your nextresidential move, you must terminate the current contracts that allow you to benefit from home services. This is your home insurance policy, those for the supply of gas, water, electricity, Internet and even telephone service. If there is an opportunity to continue with your suppliers when you are in your new home, do so if they offer it to you. You can take this opportunity to renegotiate these different contracts.

In accordance with the clauses, the supplier of electricity or other services may charge you for the termination of the contract. To do this, read the contracts carefully before starting a termination procedure. Anyway, since you have to move, you will be obliged to pay a fee if it is provided for in the contract.

Regularize the gas and electricity subscription to the new home

At your next home, gas and electricity may still be available. However, it will not be long in coming. You will therefore need to take out subscriptions with providers that cover the area in which the accommodation is located. Thus, you will not be affected by a lack of power or gas to your new home when you move in.

As soon as the new subscription contract is finalized, the supplier will send a technician to the new home to restore gas or power. From now on, these meters will be in your name. The cost of this procedure depends on the provider.

Installing Internet in the new home

The Internet has become an essential commodity for both professionals and individuals. In your checklist, you must plan to install it in your future home. To do this, contact your Internet service provider to have one of their technicians come to your home. The latter will install the necessary equipment to have Internet in your home. If necessary, do the same with the phone and TV.

Drafting the new lease agreement

Drafting a rental agreement is not an easy task. In addition, it is a document that will be legal tender. In this, it must comply with the laws that govern the rental of real estate. You can draft the contract by yourself if you studied law. Otherwise, it is preferable to seek the service of a professional in the field. In addition, there are customizable contract templates that you can download from the Internet.

Inform the professional mover

There is little chance that your residential move will cost you nothing. You must then contact a professional mover for a quote. Based on it, you will be able to establish a budget to cover everything. In addition, the advantage of informing the mover very early on is not to pay more than usual for the same service.

Indeed, if you live in Quebec, you must have noticed that moves often take place on the first day of July. Movers are often very busy on this day. As a result, prices go up. By contacting
earlier, you are sure that we will prefer you, at the best price.